Accidental booty call. When your smart phone butt calls someone without your permission (or knowledge).
Sorry, I didn't mean to call you. That was just an abc.
by KopperRose November 21, 2015
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Abbreviation for Ass-Balls Connection.

1. Relating to the area between the anus and the testicles

2. Also referred to as Gooch
Guy: "I got kicked in the ABC by this jerk yesterday."

Guy 2: "The ABC? What is that?"

Guy: "You know, the fastest route from point Ass to point Balls."
by Gonzo the Machine February 04, 2008
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Is also known as the anatomically correct portion of flesh just between your Ass and Balls. Also refered to as your ABC or "Ass Ball Connector".
This can be used to ease a girl into liking her ABC's. It can go something like this. "Hell Yea, Lisa lets roll back to my crib so you can get the low on my ABC's."
by J PimPin February 05, 2006
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a b c parties are great. Girls come in cones, caution tape, towels, they get pretty creative
by G Haney March 26, 2007
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1. A instrumentally sound new age group from the 80's.
2. A song Performed By the Jackson 5
1. That album Absolutely A.B.C. was the shizznit!
2. Michael Jackson was off the chain when he sang A.B.C.
by Mass Chaos October 28, 2003
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