Formally known as A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) Plays on the Yankees, supposed to be the next Babe Ruth, but just turned out to cost the yankees the world series

...YEAH BOSTON!!!!!!!
"can you believe A-fraud hit the ball out if his hand?"

"A-rod? A-fruad more like it!"
by Jackie October 31, 2004
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Baseball's future home run king and 3rd member of the steroid wing in Cooperstown.
800 Home Runs and counting roid induced by A-Fraud
by gaggggs6 February 10, 2009
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(n) 1. Imposter.
2. Fake.
3. Homer Simpson.
Homer: What if people think a guy's a hero, but he was really just lucky?
Magic Johnson: Don't worry. Sooner or later, people like that are exposed as the frauds they are.
by Mr. Roboto December 28, 2005
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A term, popularised by YouTuber Hugh Wizzy, typically describing a footballer or football manager showing spectacular displays of incompetence that do not belong at the professional level.
Oh, look at these frauds, they've only gone and BOTTLED IT AGAIN!
by GoonerLuther98 March 13, 2020
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to be a fake person/ friend or jus fake ingeneral
by ######M3!!!! January 9, 2012
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Something that is "fraud" is deceitful but it also means messed up, lame, stupid, ridiculous, or something that just plain sucks.
Tina: Member when Dante said that he gon beat Jeremy's ass on Friday. Please ... he just runnin his mouth.

Jay: HA yeah. He's just a fraud bitch.
by Jeri})¡({ June 21, 2006
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A clever and cunning act to circumvent rules that only apply to less clever people who cannot get around them
"His fraud just made him solvent once again while others suffer in insolvency"
by anywho the third December 3, 2008
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