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1. The popular shortened word version of the video game Wizard101.
2. A game about wizards fighting together to save their world.
Josh: Hey what are you doing?
Elena: Going to go on wizzy.

Josh: You on wizzy?
Matt: Yeah, log on, I need some help.
by maniamsmart February 16, 2014
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1: A pussy/vagina--typically only refers to a desirable one.

2: Some girls feel awkward when you say "pussy" in front of them, thus this term has been created to give "pussy" a funner, more relaxed, and chiller connotation. Fun girls tend to get horny upon hearing the word.

3: Not just any pussy, a pussy that you really want to be in (Thus, the term can even be used to describe the girl as a whole).
1: "I came here to get some wizzy, but all the beezys (bitches) here are beat!"

(In this context, you shouldn't have to define it for the other person. The other person should immediately be like, "Wizzy?! That's a sick word. You come up with it?"

2: "Girl, lemme get in ya wizzy." (Be slick with this one, let her realize you're a badass)

3: "Brah, let's go fish for some wizzy."
by Dirty Slate January 17, 2011
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A method of smoking marijuana that requires a second user. The person administering the wizzy will put a marijuana cigarette in their mouth with the lit end carefully held inside the mouth. The receiver of the wizzy then uses a small flat surface such as a cigarette box or a credit card and places it just below the nostrils on the upper lip. The person with the marijuana in their mouth will then blow the smoke in front of the receivers nose. The small flat surface is used to keep the smoke in front of the nose while the recipient breathes in through the nose. This method results in a head rush.

This technique is closely connected to the "shotgun".
Person1: You wanna wizzy?

Person2: Alright lets do it

Person2:*Snort* Holy shit I'm fucked up from the head rush
by Tommy-toke-a-few April 24, 2009
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Awesome; fine, excellent; a good sensation of something; relaxed, to be chill; laid back.
Last night was so wizzy!

Check out that girl, she looks really wizzy.

Wow, those shoes are wizzy, I wish I had a pair.
by GavN March 30, 2011
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A guy, probably the most amazing guy you will ever meet. He will sweep you off your feet from day one, surprise you, love you and treasure you. He will treat you like a princess and respect you, wait for you and make you feel like you can trust him for your entire lifetime. He will call you beautiful everyday until you start to believe it yourself, carry you through every problem, and be that shoulder to lean on whenever you need him.

Just seeing him makes you smile, his laugh makes your heart melt and his eyes are the most beautiful things you have ever seen.
It is almost rare to find a wizzy like you
by Monkey 3 January 21, 2019
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Players that have this username are usually noobs
Look at him he is a wizzy
by Appyttv January 20, 2019
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