Doing A Nathan is getting drunk wayyyy to easily and sitting with head in hands! BUT every 10 mims or so jumping up and dancing like a salford gangstaaaa!!!
Hey, look at Liona! Shes doing a Nathan!!
by Big Karl90 August 19, 2017
If you call any Nathan a Nathaniel without their specific permission they will kill you and your whole family.
James: Yo! Nathaniel, wanna play Minecraft?

Nathan: No, but do you wanna die?

James: No, not really...

Nathan: Well to bad. *repeatedly stabs James*

James: Why did you do this, bro?

Nathan: Because you called me Nathaniel! That's not my name retard!
by CocoaVirus June 4, 2020
he exists
Nathan exists.
by Champion of Clear Definitions November 5, 2020
The type of friend you always want to have around. A Nathan likes to crack dumb jokes and play video games. Sometimes they can be a little annoying though
Nathan is awesome.
Yeah, he is a good friend
by dh831 October 14, 2020