BAD Ass place full of BIFTA BUSTERZ
full of sickos yessssssssssssss iiiiiiiii

salford madness
by biffy busta December 16, 2007
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Land of the universal credit merchants and dole lovers, everyone here is either high off cannabis or crack it’s always one of the two. Common hair cut here is looking like frank gallagher or short back and snide trim
“Salford is a right shithole, innit
by HITLER_ADVICE September 19, 2023
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Salfordians salt of the earth. Take no shit, mess about your mar’s house is getting shot up.
Salford is a city you melts we ain’t mancs
by S4LF0RD January 10, 2021
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A salfordian (person from Salford, North of England, a well hard bastard) giving you a headbutt.
Fucking say that again and i'll give you a Salford kiss
by salfordianprincess December 6, 2017
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Salford Online is a State Sponsored News website in the Republic of Salford. Similar to it's Sister website in North Korea, the site always sticks to the Labour Party line or the propaganda spouted by the Führer, Heil Ian Stewart.
You read Salford online John? Nah, it's Shite.
by Ottewell November 28, 2013
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salford city academy, sometimes referred to as salford shitty academy is a shit school in the best estate in the world in salford, england. this school consists of cocky year 7s acting hard and telling staff to suck their mums, the chavs smoking weed and selling £1 b&h cigs outside the shop, all the year 8, 9 and 10 girls with their shitty fake designer bags looking like a walking talking wotsit and the wannabe roadmen that would definitely rob you for a five bag of weed. however, if you go here their is some real g's and sound kids. this school cares more about you bringing your planner and reading book to school then kids mental health and you will most likely have a teacher put you in isolation if you do anything wrong. they also care way too much about the uniform. white socks? isolation. black skirts? isolation. skinny pants? isolation.

the teachers here are mostly cretins and wont even let you breathe in lesson without giving you a warning for it, there is probably less then a handful of staff that are actually sound. the only way you will have a good day here is if gaynor serves you when your buying lunch or if you have a supply teacher (that excludes mr prince and mr penney). at this school the students love to terror the teachers, terror the year 7s and terror mr ritchie.

in conclusion, don't come here. it's shit and you will most likely end up depressed or with a drug addiction. or maybe both.

big up gorgeous paul
girl 1: what school do you go to?

girl 2: i go to salford city academy, it's shit
by RealBroFromSalford420 January 6, 2021
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Hair pulled so tight into a pony tail, that it instantly lifts the face, thus reducing wrinkles.
Hey our kid...did you see Tasha the other day? She looked ten years younger. Must be her Salford Face Lift.
by JamButty June 30, 2017
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