One of the greatest guys alive. He can be quiet and serious but suddenly turns into this chatty bubbly hillarious person. Someone who understands how to act around different people, he takes other peoples thoughts into mind. He can spend hours thinking of something that means alot to him. One of the best boyfriends, he's sweet; reliable; trustworthy; loving; caring etc. He's one of the funnest people to hang round with, whatever the weather. He can be flirtly but also knows how to be just a simple friend. Any person who knows a Nathan is truely lucky, and to be his girlfriend then they're truely blessed. He's also one of the greatest friends you can ever have, he can relate to things that you say, understands how to talk to someone depending there mood. He can be quirky at times, at is never seen without a smile in his eyes. Girls hearts melt around him. He has a story to tell. A huge dog-lover. A guy called Nathan is like an Angel from heaven, you don't expect to need him to be in your life, but once he is, you realise how much you do need him and how much you never want to loose him, you couldn't loose him! Nathan is a pleasure to both guys and girls, he's can have a laugh, give advice, be blunt, you can talk with him about anything. He's the most beautiful creature alive. When you see him you smile, either on the out or inside, or even both. He's sucha great guy! xxxx
Nathan's so amazing

I'm so lucky to have a Nathan

Damn, my Nathan is beautiful!
by Lindsey'c19 August 21, 2011
I am a Nathan, a lot of these descriptions are quite true.

Nathans can be angry enough to kill someone and then be sweeter than a bowl of sugar in the blink of an eye.
We remain loyal sometimes even if our trust has been betrayed multiple times.
We can be supportive of things we don’t understand and or don’t agree with.
And we will always try to lift up the people we think of as friends.
Bully: I bet your friend’s p*nis is tiny!

Nathan: Actually, if he lays at the base of Mt. Everest with an erection it casts a shadow on the peek.
by No One’s King October 13, 2020
wow these people are saying really nice things about me (nathan) on urban dictionary dot com! wow!
by boingus November 9, 2020
he has a massive penis that will destroy ur insides
by Rector__ June 22, 2021
Nathan is someone who not only adapts easily to any situation, but has an innate ability to understand people. He can be deceptively smart, genius even, and usually knows exactly what to do. If someone is named Nathan, they will most likely be great at many things, from playing an instrument, to practicing a sport. However, he can be major procrastinator, but that doesn't mean he is untrustworthy. Sometimes, he may seem quiet and mysterious, but once he gets to know you, he will become one of the most hilarious guys you will ever meet. Overall, he is a great person to be around, and anyone lucky enough to be his beloved, will certainly have their life changed for the better.
Person 1: So I was talking to Nathan the other day, and he seemed upset about something, so I asked him what was on his mind. I don't think I'll ever look at life the same way again.
by Throwaway account #812 March 5, 2019
Probably the sweetest, most considerate, and the most special guy you'll ever meet. Has a sexy body and a paralyzing smile. Once you meet him, you won't be able to get over him.
Nathans are seen by many but not caught by many. If he truly loves somebody, then he'll have his heart set on treating them right. He's not there to toy around with, and he doesn't lie when it comes to love. He can be the bestest friend ever, and an even greater lover too. He can tell when something's wrong and will not hesitate to ask if he can help. An excellent kisser. He'll leave you dazed. Although he's great at kissing, he mostly loves small pecks on the forehead and cuddling.
He can be too overdramatic at times, and he can also be blunt and overly sensitive. He'll take any sort of insult and it'll affect and cut his heart deeply. He tends to show his negative emotions in a blunt way, and although he's sweet and kind, if you really push him to the point where he doesn't want to talk to you, then that means you've hurt him too much and Nathans tend to be distant to those who've hurt them.
Girl 1: Girl, do you see that guy over there?
Girl 2: Who is he?
Girl 1: Dude, he's like the sweetest and hottest boy at school!
Girl 2: I bet that's a Nathan.
by DillonAsh November 13, 2017
Nathan's are the single most greatest guys you can ever meet.theyre super loyal,caring,hardworking,and they are very can always depend on a Nathan whenever.they will always be there for you.usually the life of the party.Also kinda cute.they can be serious at the right times and you can always come to a Nathan in times of help and guidance.natural born leaders.And whoever is on this guys mind is very special because Nathan's dont open up they're hearts to no one.they usually are interested in girls that they have known for a long time.If you ever get a Nathan......keep him close and enjoy him but just don't hurt them because they can come at you a million different ways that you dont wanna think about.
Man Nathan is basically my teacher teaching me about life
by Zammamas June 5, 2018