3 definitions by CocoaVirus

If you call any Nathan a Nathaniel without their specific permission they will kill you and your whole family.
James: Yo! Nathaniel, wanna play Minecraft?

Nathan: No, but do you wanna die?

James: No, not really...

Nathan: Well to bad. *repeatedly stabs James*

James: Why did you do this, bro?

Nathan: Because you called me Nathaniel! That's not my name retard!
by CocoaVirus June 4, 2020
The pandemic never ended and it has now taken over the world by turning everyone into virgin zombies who nut into desk fans all day.
Macintosh: Hey dude did you here that Covid-3482 turns people into mindless virgin zombies?

Jimmy: *nuts in a desk fan* No but wanna eat my nut.
by CocoaVirus June 4, 2020
Bro I can't play right now I am about nut in your girlfriend!
James: Wanna play Fortnite soon, Steve?

Me: B.I.C.P.R.N.I.A.A.T.N.I.Y.G.

James: TF?

Me: You really don't know what that means?

James: Who TF would?

Me: Literally everyone that keeps up with memes.

James: Fine what does it mean them?

Me: Bro I can't play right now I am about to nut in your girlfriend.

James: Oh, that makes sense. Wait hold up, your about to what now!

Me: Crap, gotta go I am about to nut, ttyl!
by CocoaVirus June 4, 2020