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Like in black jack a 15 is a girl who your not sure to "hit" ,or "pass".
Guy 1: That girl from last nigh was a 15.
Guy 2 :Wtf you mean?
Guy 1:Im not sure if I should hit it ,or stay; like in blackjack.
Guy 2: Bro totally!
by LJM6 September 07, 2018
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Pronunciation: "Ah 15"

A 15 is a way of describing a girl who you are unsure you want to sleep with, whether she is not sexy or just fugly.

A 15 reffers to the casino version of blackjack. When you get 15, you are never sure if you wanna hit it.

Derives from "How I Met Your Mother"
Boy 1: Hey, you see that girl over there?
Boy 2: Yeah man look at that face? Shes A 15.
Boy 1: Oh you can just get a plastic bag for that face.
by natty56bp January 23, 2012
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Usually referring to a man's dick game; When its better than A 1

See definition of A 1
His dick game was A 1.5, totally the best sex of my life.
by Stitchaholic March 21, 2017
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