This form of a-town, is meant for the abbreviation of "Asian Town"

is defined as a place where bad grammar and vocabulary meet to make a collosal piece of shit nown as an "a-town", oh and we musn't forget about the crappy designs
"dis its teh shitz"
"lok @ dat gurlz azz"

as short as this is, it's hard to make anymore, damned a-town
by dave dereks August 30, 2006
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1.The totallly kickass aptos gang that chelsea started

2.short for aptos california, otherwise known as santa cruz.
1.Pink2 represent! A town!

2.Where you live, bitch?

by A-townBITCH January 14, 2006
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The best little town in Maine to ever exist! Acton's where's it's at!
Hey, come visit me, I live in A-Town.
by Fuckingfemalejesus April 26, 2013
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