to be the most fly; to be more fly than another
"shit, you know alex and emily? they are THE flyest."
by emilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy July 16, 2008
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A complete goof; usually somebody who isnt the brightest but is very funny. A person who fails at almost everything such as majong and only mows lawns for a job, overall a complete noob and will scam you at any chance they can get.

Refer to Samtaro, Quite similar
"Oner Flyest scam me!"
by Squaw diddler April 6, 2009
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when a female is the coolest or is better dress than other girls.
Jessica is the flyest chick I've ever seen
by Dirtbag1994 February 15, 2014
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A person of great importance who knows how to handle money and assertive in all aspects
by Pluto.Franco August 16, 2021
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to be surrounded by luxury -- to have an expensive car
Bro you are ridin the flyest in that SLR BENZ
by wortymd July 25, 2005
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FAYEZ is the flyest guy out there. Nobody can compete
Have you seen the GOAT?

Oh u mean Fayez? How can u miss him he’s the Flyest In the game!
by Daddy leena November 6, 2021
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