V: " I wasn't expecting that"

R: "I gotta keep you on your toes"
by Urban potato December 11, 2017
Inexplicable pain beyond fucking measure. Unimaginable aching. Worse than giving birth to a porcupine.
1. I stubbed my toe on the wall FFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK

2. Stubbing your toe is like getting a blowjob with teeth from satan
by The fictionary June 25, 2014
Expression used usually by a guy when he wants to doop the ass.
"Bend over to the front and touch your toes"
by Joyc May 28, 2005
to spend time in a wasteful, unproductive manner.
Stop humping your toes and mow the fucking lawn!!!!
by Merlin Bunker August 7, 2007
A nursing term used to distract patients from realising they're about to be stabbed with a huge needle.
And roll up your sleeve....drop your arm and give it a shake. And wiggle your toes. Boom!!!?? There we go, all done. Next....?
by I.Vor Biggen November 18, 2013
Spread your toes: To die, to expire to cease to exist. A common and almost humorous way to express death.
To “Spread your toes”. When did uncle Matt spread his toes? “Oh:He spread his toes on July 9th” To die, to punch out, to crap out.

Strictly speaking a description of a death.
by Gregg The Lawrencville Hunkey December 26, 2017