A hot and heavy situation with a close friend usually in a secluded location (such as a closet) under unusual circumstances. This friend is often a member of the same sex and is someone you've never had any intention of getting physical with
Boy 1: Dude, how was that party last night?
Boy 2: Super weird man, I had a steamy with Don.
by Lucifer1023 February 15, 2017
Steamy is most often used as an adjective to describe the appearance of an individual. It can be a substitute word for 'hot', 'sexy', etc.

An individual who is steamy is often highly desirable, very good-looking/attractive, and normally has a great body. They also bring a 'steaminess' with them when they enter a room.

Being called steamy is often better than any other compliment one could receive (ie. hot, sexy, attractive, cute) Steamy people are a very rare breed. Being called steamy is something to be very proud and flattered about.
He is so incredibly steamy, I've never seen anyone hotter than him or with a better bod than him in my life.
by STEAMSTER January 14, 2011
to be, look, or feel hott or overall hottness
becca is soo steamy, joe is also very steamy
by playa itallian stallion January 2, 2006
(noun) a love affair; sexual intercourse; a lurid affair. Comes from having sex in a car when the windows get steamy, though a steamy doesn't need to be in a car, it can be anywhere.
I was feeling tense, so I called Mike and had a crazy steamy.
by PCu March 20, 2007
can be used in ANY situation, be it bad or good.
response to any kid of action.
good-"damn foo, i got a threesome last night with some fine ass girls" "haha steamy!"

bad-"that bitch stole my ipod!"
"eee what? thats steamy..."
by Misstress D December 28, 2007
To be evil, hot, vicious, and loving at the same time.

Can be pronounced 'stemy', in comparison to the already accepted pronunciation 'steemy'.
That girl is so steamy that I wet my pants with two different substances.
by imfightingthisjihadtoo April 26, 2008
Someone so tight they could steal the steam off your shit, bottle it, then sell it for profit.
We have no choice you'll have to give "steamy" a ring and try and get a good price off him!
by vega555 December 22, 2008