The coolest new band! Their song "Tell Me Everything" is awsome!
ASC kick ass! Go to their website
by I<3TheUsed March 30, 2005
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Something everyone should deserve. Unfortunately this happens very rarely in real life.
Give me a second chance to prove that I can be a good man
by BigManIsBig December 26, 2018
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Noobs who cannot take a lost in armed combat.
Noobs that know that they will die in combat.
Noobs that relies on someone else to heal them even though they'll get owned again.
Noobs that think they will get a comeback after being healed but end up having the highest death streak of both teams.
Joe:"Wow some second chance noob got a lucky headshot on me after I mauled him down. No skill at all, bro."

*Gets healed*
*Gets Semtex'd along with healer*
by DamePlz March 16, 2011
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One of the two prominent stories by well-known authors from the Veritas, the flamers of the Percy Jackson community on Fanfiction. A story that has provides a new twist to the Percy Jackson ending in The Last Olympian, in which Percy has become a star-crossed lover with the majority of the male demigods he encounters. Full of slash and teen boy angst, it is becoming a popular term for gender confused Fanfiction authors.
Boy: "Did you see that new kid's story the other day, talk about a Second Chances."
Girl: "He's really creepy, but that kind of thing gets me excited.
by Theia47 November 5, 2010
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Something I don’t give; forgiveness after someone has screwed you
I’m sorry, will you forgive me?” “Nah man I don’t give second chances.”
by Definitions daily December 31, 2018
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The reoccuring theme in Disney Movies that in order to have a happy ending, one must first go through a conflict and after hurting their partner and others, their partner must then give a second chance to love.
People make Mistakes, Growth doesn't happen by chance, if happens by Change, and if you don't change you don't grow... Your boyfriend made a big mistake, but I think he has learned from it and grew. He deserves one of those Disney's Second Chances for sure.
by PresidentPorter December 7, 2011
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In the 2010 video Call of Duty: Black Ops when a player excessively uses the second chance pro perk and heavily relies on its ability to be healed. They usually get quite cranky when no one wants to save their ass even though they keep dropping into second chance again and again. A sign of a crappy player. Term named for the appearance that players in second chance resemble which is a slut lying on her back with her legs spread begging for it.
Noob: "Hey, someone come heal me! Heal me!"

Gamer: "Fuck you, you second chance slut" (walks up to second chance slut in game and shot with gun repeatedly but does not heal and walks off allowing the noob to recieve a death)
by TERRORMOTO December 14, 2010
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