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A Ricky describes different things or people depending on the tone in which it is said. A Ricky could refer to

• An asexual sex maniac
• A strawberry
• A player
• An idiotic move
• A person with no life
• Something or someone extremely greasy.
E.G. • That kebab is a Ricky (greasy)

• That is such a Ricky thing to say

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by cmullers January 09, 2019
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A Ricky.

-A man whore
-A player
-a guy addicted to sex

referring to guys like Ricky from the Secret Life of The American Teenager.
OMG! He is SUCH a Ricky! Did you hear? He was with one girl one day, and the next, he had a new girlfriend!
by sucharicky! January 11, 2010
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