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Someone who refuses to go to work or any obligation for that matter because of COVID, but will take a vacation or go to the beach.

It can also be referred to as “Pulling A Jess” or “Being A Jess”
He pulled “A Jess” when refusing to go into the office even though we have 20 feet in between each employee, but he went to the crowded beach.
by SirLaughsATon July 31, 2020
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When someone doesn’t shower, changer their undies or socks but still smells really good.
Omg jacob did a Jess the other day. Can u believe it.
by Ommigod December 01, 2019
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To accidentally add far too much seasoning to a piece of food, such as by unscrewing a bottle's lid that is meant to flip open, and yet continuing eating the piece off food regardless of how painful or disgusting it may have become.
That's a huge mound of crushed red pepper you got pulled a Jess didn't you?'re still eating it?
by Abernathy April 29, 2008
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