An act, done under the influence of alcohol, in which a person does something no normal person would do: such as urinating on furniture or willingly letting themselves be kicked in the testicles. Usually causes much confusion and/or mirth and/or anger in the individuals lucky enough to witness this event.
Dude, did you pull a Dusty? This chair's all wet...
by Abernathy April 28, 2008
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Dusti is a funny girl, she is cute, nice and very athletic you would normally find her playing a sport. She has lots of friends and any guy would be lucky to have her
Omg Dusti is so amazing
by Hibabys November 24, 2018
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A southern gal with an attractive smile. She has many guy friends and can be a superb wing-man. She makes you fall in love with her personality and is always ready for fun however; she can be scary when you make her angry Men know to respect her and if they don't, they learn quickly.
Dustie sure can throw a punch.
by ohyeah_juice November 30, 2011
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An individual or object predominantly defined and explained by its sketchy nature.
That bloke in the white van is dusty.
by Voltairejunior July 29, 2018
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A broke “player,” typically a male, who has nothing to offer but sex. Usually a user. This type may appear to be what society deems “successful” but targets the vulnerable and likes to exploit “feminism” and “pick-mes” willing to go dutch, 50/50; etc. They often look good on paper, but if you pay close attention their game unravels quickly, if you’re willing to accept they’re nothing but trouble. Avoid at all costs.
Yo, this dude is so dusty, he thought texting me for a week would compell me to fly out to see him on my dime, and stay with him *at his home*. Tuh! The dusty must be cash poor because he hadn’t even planned proper accommodations or series of dates. He’s clearly a misogynist who doesn’t know how to treat women. Blocked.
by LeadingLady17 December 30, 2018
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