Meaning - joy, to be happy, laughter and general merriment.
I am full of mirth.
It was a day filled with mirth day.
by ValleyFloydJames August 22, 2005
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A mythical land where humans are not total asshats.
by Type2GenomeManiac June 3, 2017
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(v) the act of quietly and secretly enjoying a private joke with yourself, to the point of abdominal pain. (that would be why it rhymes with "birthing").
Chris was mirthing to himself in a corner, giving him the acute appearance of an individual in need of a straitjacket.
by the.kanguru March 14, 2011
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Mirthe is a complete wacko - she has the weirdest sense of humour and an unnatural love of cats. She constantly flips her hands and hair around, but despite her strange actions, she always attracts the boys.

Often Dutch, has dark brown hair and green eyes, is kind of a midget and constantly hyper. She lights up the room with her happy presence, and is super fun when drunk!

You'll often find her in her bubble bath, drunk dancing or laughing at something which is not amusing in any way. Always has a stash of gum or mints in her bag, and has a candy-crush addiction.
GUY A: Hey, did you see Mirthe last night?

GUY B: Yeah! She was getting stoned with her neighbours cat.

GUY C: Damn, I love that girl.
by inhabitantofhillywood January 23, 2014
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full of mirth; merry or amusing
He was a mirthful soul who's thoughts echoed the work of the messiahs themselves
by 780-Gamzee April 19, 2018
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Mirth (Formally “Kodomodachi”) is an animator who is known for making “Friday Night Funkin” content. During May of 2021, They were called out as a groomer who dated a 13 year old while Mirth was 18. Mirth stated that it was “legal” as long as sexual actions weren’t involved and then covered the situation up by saying that being a “Pedophile” is a disorder. After that, she rebranded her channel, which is now called “Mirth”
User 1 : “did you know that Kodomodachi came back to youtube?”

User 2: “oh yeah, isn't that Mirth?”
by bryce 🧪 June 2, 2023
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