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That be your turn to roll. Time for a G to shine. It's your time in the spot light. Ya get what I'm saying mother fucker!
Insane Vizzle got his shinizzle when artizzle went crazizzle!
You picking up what I'm laying down.
Steve Yizzle.
by griz November 23, 2004
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Its the act of shooting a load on some bitches face.
Mug shots aren't just for convicts.
by griz December 14, 2004
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This be when you girl has had a long day and desires a massage, but all you want to do is fuck. So you tell her to lay on the bed. Whip your dick out and start beating the shit out of her body with it. Guaranteed to satisfy both. Feels good for her and fun for you. It's chubba wacking to the extreme.
When ever my hoe comes home tired and beat up, I just whip out my dick and beat her up even more. She loves a good massage, but hates when I get it in her hair. You can't win em' all.
by griz November 23, 2004
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A person who flufs someones nipples.
For the male it can sometimes have no effect whatsoever. Therefore it is a waste of fucking time.
A nipple fluffer is a person who wastes you fucking time. Get it sucka.
Damn nipple fluffers are always calling me trying to sell me shit.
Fuck those fucking fuckers!
by griz November 24, 2004
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One who becomes heavily intoxicated and steals whatever he can get his hands on. Once awakened in the morning, he finds himself lying atop a pile of treasure.
by griz April 30, 2004
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