38 definitions by griz

I gonna lay the right right after I doosh push that ho.
by griz June 13, 2004
This is where the participants of a wrecking crew race to finish.
Demolition Derbies are held every Wednesday night in Down Town Windsor.
Bring your hard hat and a bottle of KY.
by griz November 23, 2004
This is where a person goes on a sexual drought.
It is a sexual metaphor describing a period of time where your garbage is not picked up weekly like it is supposed to be due to the striking garbage men.
Nobody likes it when the garbage men go on strike. Nobody.
by griz December 14, 2004
When you shoot your sperm.
Cause when you cum you are letting the kids out. Ya know.
Kali loves recess, who doesn't.
by griz October 31, 2004
An activity in which many individuals proceed to insert hands and fingers into a large concentrated group of females.
Doug is a Finger Fucking Fest Beast.
He's all about the finger banging since he can't get his dick hard. He purposely walks between groups of girls at parties and tries to slide his hand up their skirt and pokes. Then he smells his fingers. Sick Fuck.
by griz April 6, 2004