Alfred is the name of a person who you cant just figure out. He may seem predictable at times but just when you think you understand him he makes a weird decisions so unpredictable as if he is 4 hits deep in a gravity bong. All Alfreds want love tho they seem like emotionless bastards. An Alfred is calm if not provoked but be aware, if you step on his toes he will cut off your balls and feed them to you and then slaughter you. Alfreds make good friends tho be aware to look where you step.
oh he is a Alfred

yah, i herd she is a bit of an Alfred
by Dat Ugandan Chungus January 20, 2019
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Sweetest most charming guy you will ever meet, he comes up with reasons to talk to you and always has something to say. Can make you laugh within a second of talking. He is sweet, funny, nice, enthusiastic, lovable, hot, weird. You will fall in love with in a min of talking to him.
Alfred: "why are you so great? What did I do to deserve you? Kate I really love you with all my heart."

Kate: "I love you too"

Alfred: "My heart is saying Kate rn"
by Kat_72 March 11, 2017
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A real patriot, and a person who is kind but has a terrible work ethic, often runs around shouting utter nonsense. His laugh is very VERY obnoxious. Likes to bug people about how great he is, especially if their names are Arthur. An Alfred tends to wear glasses and has blonde hair. Alfreds also are afraid of ghosts even though they claim they do not exist, but they easily believe in aliens.

Alfred: But dude, I gotta be loud so that people can know where I am if they need me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BECAUSE I'M THE HERO!

Arthur: ...Git...
by theoneandonlycaptain October 16, 2011
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Alfred is a good cook and a mean cleaning machine. He will put you in the ground with his crazy shotgun skills and mean karate. He is pretty cool and British. For some reason he also goes by obi-wan which sounds pretty dank to me.
Bruce: hey their is a creepy guy at the door I need an Alfred
by Obi-wan is life October 30, 2019
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Sweet handsome guy and is really smart.
wow! he's an Alfred
by Mr. *OOF* April 16, 2019
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A person whom after a shit load of drinks will say that if your parentes ever die, he will adopt you. Even if you are older than him
Alfred: You know what?

Not Batman yet: no, what?

Alfred: I will friggin' adopt you if your parentes ever die
by Alfred_III_of_Birchnessfalls December 20, 2014
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Someone whose mind is rivaled by none. Able to solve any problem without much effort. The classic mastermind or brains of any operation. The guy you can rely on to get out of any sticky situation.
Tony, who is the Alfred of your group?

Hey Franky, how did your boy pull an Alfred with the cops?
by ZeroT May 19, 2011
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