To leave such a foul smell after having sex, that those who happen upon the fetid aroma, are left to ask " did somebody shit on a dead fish? "
I fucked this fat ass skank last week and she left a 403 that still smells like Godzilla's asshole!
by Capt. Motherfucking Awesome February 3, 2021
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To deny access:

1) When attempting to access a forbidden webpage
2) When attempting to perform a physical action
1) Yeah, I tried to FTP that file, but got 403'ed
2) Yeah, I tried to have anal sex with Meagan last night but got 403'ed.
by TicklemeEmo October 10, 2005
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The area code for Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Before dialing a phone number long distance to Calgary be sure to add 403 in front of it or else you'll get some other damn place...
by adelews October 9, 2007
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Internet Error. Error Code 403 meaning "Forbidden access - you do not have permission to view this webpage"
403 - You do not have permission to view this file/folder/server, please contact the server admin, and/or your ISP for more details.
by Irtehleetbob. December 16, 2002
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Person 1: your a bitch

Person 2: well your a 403
Person 1: I know you did not just call me a hoe
by 403_me December 30, 2022
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HTTP error code meaning "forbidden".

Sometimes used in conversation to mean the same thing.
"You don't mind if I grab one of your Red Bulls, do you?"
by Steeltowner March 6, 2005
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area code of metro-calgary and southern alberta, but primarily metro-calgary.
yohz man! i'mz gonna go club it up in dez four oh three club district!
by phobal April 11, 2003
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