Mother: You are forbidden from all electronics even at school
Son has mental breakdown
by Machi June 6, 2018
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Prefix, used to bring attention to a subject whose matter is undesirable or unsavoury.
For example, 'Meatshake, the forbidden drink'.
by Chester Elegante October 19, 2005
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Junior Grimes (“June wick”, “logan”, james grimes”, the rap king of rhyme”)

Junior IS the forbidden one

The forbidden one will reach ascension soon and conquer the good and destroy or subjugate the wicked.

Junior is the forbidden one and anybody who dares oppose him shall incur his ungodly wrath


The Forbidden One: there are no gods except me, for no one enters the beak except through me, I am everything and none of it. Go and submit to me

However, I am not god, for that is beneath me
by Mf boone December 1, 2021
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A scary ass individual who has no regard for breaking the rules or crossing the line. Aka “junior the egomaniac” this kid is perhaps the most deadly and formidable anti villain seen in recent years. never has this world seen a kid with a stronger appetite for chaos and destruction. Junior knows full well that the world is nothing without influence which is why he’s fine with making moves from the shadows as he’s got numerous followers. Anyone that follows him is known as a “children of the forbidden one

Someone forbidden, like the most notable example: junior grimes the forbidden one.

The Forbidden One Is known by many names yet all of them are one and the same, junior has shown that he needs nothing to prove his capability of destruction so long as one hears the name “The Forbidden One”
Girl: no, don’t arrest my boyfriend!

Cops: he’s a creep

Girl: nooo! he’s special to me

Cops: oh really? and why should we believe that?

Girl: he’s the Forbidden One

Cops: *surprised faces*

the forbidden one: ;)

Cops: our sincerest apologies your highness your free to go

Girl: yay!

The Forbidden One: *smiles deceivingly*

“Junior Grimes IS The Forbidden One”
by Monkeybread July 7, 2021
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He who is without innocence yet full of Child like purity. junior the forbidden one is the most important figure in recent years as his will shall be reinstated without mercy so that the wicked shall feel the flame of his everlasting torment

One of the forbidden ones most notable and impressive feats is his mastery over black magic and multilingualism as well as forbidden knowledge and agility plus strength and parkour skills

before you hate on him, he’s the only being (malevolent) that doesn’t discriminate anyone’s sexuality, gender or race, ONLY RELIGION. He may hurt people for the pleasure but atleast he’s open about it and doesn’t lie about it which you can’t really say about most people that you meet. the forbidden one seeks adoration and comfort yet by meeting him you’d never suspect it.

(Junior) The Forbidden One IS whatever you want him to be, there is no age for him, he simply IS

Not evil nor benevolent, as he simply IS

People are forbidden from befriending him or even going near him/it since he’s a bad influence yet others argue that he’s misunderstood, whatever the truth is, it’s likely open to interpretation.

unlike deceivers , this kid (despite being the antagonist) is the good guy who exposes Islamic extremism and their false religion as well as woke agendas that try so hard to manipulate hollywood to suit their own, let it be known that none shall delay the arrival of the prince of chaos lest they prefer to feel the wrath of the forbidden one.......
Junior the forbidden one is an example of himself and of great importance if one isn’t close minded and chooses to unlock the forbidden secrets of the earth

The Forbidden One defined ; forbidden one
by Yankadank October 8, 2021
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The forbidden One is a being who’s purpose is to liberate people and fulfil his own destiny of hedonistic pleasures and ascending to his dark ambitions whilst cleansing the world of true evil in order to replace it or end it once and for all?

He never makes anyone do anything. He only makes you realize that you want him. And when he helps you decide on something he explicitly states that he NEVER forces someone to choose he merely makes them realize what they already want

He doesn’t torture you, he’d rather you be the source of your own heLL than having directly be responsible.

Junior is a conceited and hedonistic animal lover that is chaotic by nature so it’s unwise to blame him as he’s simply a reaction of nature.

what he does is expose religion and evil types. The rules and morals don’t apply to him since it’s necessary to exist outside of laws and ethics. For the forbidden one is the only one who sees religion as what it truly is; deceptive and obsolete.

In the future all shall submit to the will of the forbidden one as the enemies of freedom die of thirst, hunger and blueballs, even the woman, for no more contaminated species.

The forbidden One Is the necessary “evil” that shall push us forward even if it means transcending what being human is.
*The Forbidden One* is something that no one is sure where comes from yet they’re welcoming to the forbidden one since his/her presence is alluring and makes anything seem attractive at first glance

Forbidden one: *exists*

Life: ..and I took that personally


Junior The Forbidden One is the antithesis of anyone who enjoys slavery and mindless worship of idols or celebrities


To be a “forbidden one” is to exhibit some personality traits ONLY FOUND in junior


Girl 1: omg this guy keeps stealing my brothers girlfriend

Girl 2: i bet I know who that guy is

Girl 3; it’s the forbidden one isn’t it??

Girl 1: who??

Girl 2: gurl, you must live under a rock but the fact that you keep up with your brothers personal life says otherwise

Girl 1: who’s the forbidden one?

Girl 1: *gets triple bitchslapped*


the forbidden one TAKES NO L’s, EVER.
by Zzzztrip February 6, 2022
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The Forbidden One is the single most important figure in all human history. Those who know don’t say, and those who say, don’t know. Though origins are typically unknown there are theories as to what the forbidden one TRULY IS, it’s up for speculation tbh

he says “I don’t pray, you pray to me. I don’t ask for mercy, people ask me”

He’s a product of his environment, he’s many origins and names. People created him involuntarily and he apologizes for nothing since he’s merely being himself

Soon will release an unholy text called “the bibble” which reveals the word of the forbidden one. One that rivals the Bible, quran and Torah , even if those books are somewhat correct, so is the bibble as well as it unearths more unknown knowledge and truths from different POV

He’s not evil. He doesn’t brainwash others, nor does he cheat others and never hurts animals but he WILL MOST DEFINITELY do whatever it takes to win and accomplish his goals, he’s more of a chaotic neutral anti villain

Known under his name, “the master of the unknown”, “father of nightmares”, and “the prince of chaos”, etc

THE FORBIDDEN ONE is a terrifying force of nature created from itself

One can not learnt he secrets of the unknown without knowing the forbidden one, to put it lightly

The Forbidden One SIMPLY IS, and does as IS
by Condom creators October 18, 2021