Hard Rock/Heavy Metal music made during the metal explosion in the eighties. Most of it is actually pretty good if you can get over the crazy hair, makeup, and spandex.

See Hair Metal.
Iron Maiden, Mötley Crüe, Kiss, Metallica, AC/DC.

It may be cheesy, but at least it's not nu-metal.
by unessecary physical contact January 20, 2005
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A era where rock and pop were coming out resulting in 80's music. Michal JAckson was one of the greatest pop stars during this era.
Man 1: i am going to go bye the new cd that has 80's music on it.
man2: cool. get me oone too. i want to hear michal jackson.
by steven puckett May 24, 2005
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Of or pertaining to extreme dominance. This type of mentality describes that which was commonly seen during the 1980's. Competition, wealth, and power were of extremely high importance during the decade so it was both expected and common for an individual to go above and beyond on a consistent basis.
"William Wallace had an 80's mentality during the Battle of Stirling." -A reference to the scene in Braveheart when William Wallace soundly defeated the English.
by CJMC June 28, 2009
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The Art Deco style as it was interpreted in the 1980's, mostly in furniture and interior design, but also to a certain extent fashion.
Judi and Glen's house was way over-decorated in that '80's Deco style.
by Loretta Weber March 30, 2008
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A really hairy, bushy vagina that hasn't been trimmed since the 80's.
Nancy-"Julonce why did Pedro break up with you?"
Julonce-"Because i have a mad 80's muff!"
by Julonce April 12, 2005
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Something that seems like a good idea at the time, but was a poor choice in retrospect.

Named after the titular decade.
Ex. 1

"Dude, I can't believe you dated Lindsey!"

"Yeah, that was pretty 80's..."

Ex. 2

I got pretty wasted at the party last night. Those tequila shots were pretty 80's.
by YoshiFtJ December 11, 2010
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A man generally in his 30's with an inferiority complex. Can be found driving rusted, or freshly primered, bad running, IROCs or Cameros wearing ripped up stone washed jeans, a sleeveless shirt (most likely stained and/or sporting a butt rock logo), a grease stained NASCAR hat, sporting a 10/90, challenging you to races. If not found in the driver's seat, this specimen will have a IROC or Camero on blocks in his front lawn next to the pile of PBR cans.
Hey dude, I bet 80's man here challenges me to a race.
by Mr. Bigg September 23, 2005
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