An expression that is used as the object of a sentence relating to a situation that is reminiscent of the culture of the 1980's.
T1: Woah, check out that bitchen' Camaro stacked with the blower on the hood.

T2: That car makes me want to kill myself with an 80's knife.
by zwibble de jah jah May 4, 2007
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An unshaven, jungle jenny, amazon woman vagina.
" I really need to break down and buy some razors, Im rockin' a hardcore 80's bush!"
by k~dog May 19, 2006
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A woman who had her best years in the 1980's and can't get past it. Always looks like she is in a Whitesnake video. Lists Journey as her fave band and likes BBQ flavored corn nuts as a snack.
Scott's mom is a total 80's lady. I don't know what is worse, her taste in snack food or her music. Who is Journey anyway?
by ICT-TARA January 8, 2011
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When jeans are worn high above the waist line, making the rear-end look tall and wedgied. Often worn by middle-aged women, soccer moms, and people that grew up in the eighties. Can also appear in swimsuits; as seen in Baywatch.
"Man! Look at that 80's butt!
by Owen Gifford May 13, 2008
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The 80's was the greatest period for music. Hall and Oates were the king and queen of this era with their song "Out of touch".
80's music is what made vice city the greatest game ever.
by jerryblank May 16, 2005
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1 A girl/guy who doesn't stand out much in today's society, but would be very hot back in the 1980's.

2 Someone who has 80's style all around (Hair, Fashion, Music) and looks weird in the 21st century
1. Guy 1: Check out her, she's hot.

Guy 2: Meh, she's Acceptable in the 80's

2. Guy 1: Why is he listening to Axel F?

Guy 2: God I don't know why.

Guy 1: Dude that's only acceptable in the 80's.
by Stigs Essex Cousin December 29, 2011
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the 80th avenues of east oakland, ca
The shady 80's, also home of sobrante park, aint no joke
by that dozen May 1, 2005
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