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a dumbass that accidently shot himself in the hand with a staple gun.
you remind me of tuong you dumbass.
by Wonton June 19, 2004
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the latest album by metallica

metallica attempted to put the modern metal (such as nu-metal) together with traditional heavy metal...which did not work out very well.

Metallica said they'd bring back their old stuff! BS!

"st. anger is their shittiest album yet!"

"ahh shutup!"
by Wonton June 08, 2004
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The most underrated Metallica album yet. Manny noobies consider this as nu-metal or hard rock when in fact, is just is pure simple metal. Not thrash metal, not speed metal, not power metal, just plain metal. It is in fact a very good album, even though of a different style from Ride the Lightning or Master of Puppets or Kill 'Em All.
"Dude, did you get a load of the shitty new metallica album?"

"Get the fuck out of here dude! You don't know shit!"
by Wonton August 18, 2004
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Uncle Stoner usually describes a person that surfs the web/sucks dick all day. Known to cling on the next man's nuts.
by Wonton March 25, 2003
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1. Being hypocritical.
2. Hating ones self.
That fatboy called somebody else fat! HAHA What a 780 that kid is.
by Wonton February 11, 2003
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a sick ass underground group that unfortunatley broke up in 2000. they are actually a real hip hop group. not like these wack emcees now - a -days. you crazy kids should check out these songs by them:
Reality Check
Honest Expression
Reality Check is a sick ass song by Binary Star.
by Wonton June 18, 2004
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haha, even if u DID kill that guy, i still lov ya! haha jamie
by Wonton November 12, 2003
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