BOY1: "Hey where do you live?"
BOY2: "Oh, the 704!"
BOY1: "I'm so sorry for you."
by Ihavenoname, ho December 7, 2008
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704 is used as if u were in a gang like the surenos x3 gang which is loosely apart of the Mexican mafia many people use 704 in there usernames to show their adoption of the gang
by Deigorivera99 September 2, 2018
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"whats it going to be?"
"rep kris"
by Kasper March 7, 2004
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NFPA 704: Standard System for the Identification of the Hazards of Materials for Emergency Response, or NFPA 704 for short is the fire diamond things. They are typically placed on a door or a container and it gives warnings about what is inside of the container or behind the door. There are three colors and they each have a number 0 through 4 (0 being not present and 4 being extremely).

Red indicates flammability/combustibility (A material with a 4 will likely combust under normal atmospheric temperatures/pressures) (Propane has a flammability rating of 4) .

Blue indicates health hazards (a material with a 4 can cause death or serious harm upon exposure). (Hydrogen cyanide has a health rating of 4).

Yellow indicates reactivity/stability (a material with a 4 can detonate under normal temperatures) (nitroglycerin has a reactivity rating of 4)

The white section doesn't have a number and instead serves as a place for special warnings.
Examples of which include but are not limited to:

OX: indicates the substance is an oxidizer

SA: indicates the substance is a asphyxiant gas

BIO: indicates the substance carries a biological hazard (used for things such as viruses)
RA/RAD: indicates the substance is radioactive
ACID/ALK: indicates the substance is Acid or Alkaline respectively
A: Bro wtf is in this container?
B: Don't open it! the NFPA 704 says it's a health hazard
A: Fuckin nerd
by Person12350 April 22, 2022
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NFPA 704 is the official name for Fire Diamonds, which are rhombus-shaped sign that has 4 different colored squares that tell you how dangerous a substance is in four ways: Health (Blue), Reactivity (Yellow), Flammability (Red) and the white square is for Miscellaneous hazards. Each colored square is marked with a number ranging between zero and four. Zero/Empty means that that substance has no danger in that category. 1 = mildly hazardous, 2 = hazardous, 3 = extremely hazardous, and 4 = Lethal.
Hey, did you know that NFPA 704 are also called fire diamonds, saftey squares and figmenty pigmenty crosser tossers?
by Jqoi Zunderlat March 4, 2021
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A King that goes by Gregory who lives in 704, the Queen City
Boy: Who is that?
A Queen: That KingGregory, always representing 704 aka KingGregory 704
Boy: Tryna get like him
by TheeKingoftheQueenCity April 17, 2022
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