Describing a person as acting white and like a square
Person B: You're a white square
by Communicatr April 26, 2019
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The following events are actual and transpired in the early morning of December 28, 2008, between 1:29 and 2:15 AM, on Vine Avenue in Park Ridge, near Chicago Illinois.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent and unfortunate bystanders.

Two teens, one aged 17, whom I shall not name, and the other aged 16, to whom I'll refer as Andrew, were walking down Vine Avenue, filming a documentary for English Class. Why they were doing so at almost 2 in the morning has not been discovered. A friend of theirs, to whom ill refer as Ross, lived nearby. As they walked past his house with the camera, speaking the dialogue they had prepared, A flash of purple light shone out through the upper bedroom window or Ross' residence. Those who know the street and can recall the events of that unholy day, will recall that all the streetlamps were mysteriously shattered, and seeing as this was on the outskirts of town, the sky was almost pitch black. Back to the purple light. After about 30 seconds of the light flash, Ross came sprinting out of his home shouting something unintelligible. As the two teens and the camera turns to face him, Something or someone hit the one carrying the camera, Andrew and knocks him unconscious (presumably). The camera falls to the ground but does not break. From the way it lands, we can see the face of Ross. Those who had the misfortune to watch the tape can make out that Ross says something along the lines of "The 'white square', it cut it open, the blood is leaking all over my kitchen floor. This is where the tape cuts out, and two deafening, sickening noises, resembling a aluminum bat crushing someone’s skull are heard. The remains of the 3 boys were never found, only the camera tape laid nearby, bearing only the fingerprints of Andrew.
The Video of The White Square Incident was available on Youtube, but was removed 3 days after posting, under the authority of the Park Ridge Police Dept.
by Fear the Sauce March 12, 2009
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