Today we must go to sleep at 1am
“Hey” “oh hoi” “Lets stay up till 1am” “Why” “because it 7 november” “hell yes
by Dhjdhdjddb November 5, 2020
November 7 is day when u can kiss a homie on the mouth and it’s no homo.
November 7

Tyrone: u so funny I could kiss u

Jaquis : u can it’s November 7 and it’s no homo
by Nethen. November 5, 2019
Hey It's November 7 I guess I get to cuddle with you
by daddylover2008 November 7, 2019
This day is national say yes to the person who asks you out no matter what!
Hey it's November 7! ASK OUT YOUR CRUSH.
Wow! You're such a fun scorpio! You might've been born at November 7th!
by nohebish October 16, 2019
It’s be flirty with ur bf/gf day!
Hey bae give me a kiss and hold my hand because today is November 7.
by 💍💙🥰 November 6, 2019
Boy: Hey

Boy's Crush: hey
Boy:(gives girl a hug)
Boy's Crush: Why did you do that
Boy: it's November 7!
by Mr. Not Gay Man November 6, 2019