Take Seagram's 7 and 7up, mix together, drink, repeat until desired effect.
We can have some 7 and 7, take our pants off... see what happens.
by Steve~O December 15, 2005
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An alcoholic drink consisting of Seagram's Seven and Seven up.
Person A: Hey what are you drinking?
Person B: 7 on 7
*person A drinks*
Person A: mmmmm thats some good shit!
by Josh76524 February 13, 2007
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7.robyn.7 is an amazing TikTok icon and posts lots of Harry Potter themed content and some starkid as well as some other funny TikToks. She is my favourite TikToker and she should have wayyy more followers than she does ❤️❤️❤️ I really love her content and I think she is absolutely hilarious and stunning. I would definitely recommend following her 🤩🤩
person 1: Have you heard of 7.robyn.7??
person 2: yes omg I absolutely love her content!!
by Eloisemig January 23, 2021
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Looks like a Owo face with 2 arms
7(Owo)7 *Staring*
Person 1: The FUCK you want you Owo furry
7(Owo)7 :Your one too Bob
Bob: Yeah your right
7(Owo)7 ㄥ(Owo)ㄥ
Warning: Do NOT Questiom the upside down 7s
by oi bloody cunt March 26, 2021
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A classic cocktail drink made with approximately 1 ½ oz. Seagram’s 7 crown mixed with 3 oz. of 7-Up. First you pour the Seagram’s 7 over ice in a highball glass, then you top it off with the 7 Up.
The local honky tonk is a good place to get a well made 7&7.
by OneBadAsp October 28, 2006
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The day and the month in the year 2005 when 4 Muslims killed 52 innocent Londoners.
Also see 9/11 The World Trade Center, The Murdered Russian School children in Beslan, The Bali Bombings, The Madrid Train bombings, The London Underground and Bus bombings (7/7), and far too many other examples that would not be possible to cover in this space, given that at the time of writing Isamic terrorists have carried out more than 3,981 deadly terror attacks since 9/11 alone. If you don't like what you hear don't blame me. These are the facts and no amount of Orwellian erasing of definitions will change that.
by N M * January 5, 2006
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