Someone that had an old crush crushy on a nerd j34a (Morse code for someone in the server;)) and they got “married”
Ns:haha arthur Morgan go boom

Yue: ok they.57 at least I’m with that nerd
by Atcyue October 31, 2020
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When the male squeezes a large amount of ketchup into the vagina and then dips hot dogs into the ketchup and eating them

Also when You fill the vagina with ketchup you then fuck with the ketchup still there
Me and Artie were bored so we did the # 57 on _____.
by Alpha D February 9, 2008
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Used to describe a person who is a mixed blood of many nationalities, also for a dog that is a mix of many breeds.
That guy has irish, italian, french, native american, and african in him, so he's a heinz 57
by Russell Berry August 16, 2004
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Someone who is mixed with 2 or more different nationalities; completely mixed with various ethnic backrounds.
Girl 1: I'm just straight up white, how about you?

Girl 2: Me? I'm a Heinz-57. I don't know half of my backround!
by bloodymarie April 15, 2010
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The act of performing fellatio by blowing air from the mouth on an erect penis for 57 whole seconds.
She had mouth herpes, so I let her give me a Windy 57 and it was almost worth it!

That hoe gave me a windy 57 and I came everywhere!
by hotskier511 October 21, 2016
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A short, cult-classic sketch show featuring the early works of Stephen Colbert, Amy Sedaris, and Paul Dinello. Although these three actors went on to collaborate the hit show "Strangers with Candy", this was their first premier together. It features a combination of random, adult, and nerd humor.
Did you see that Exit 57 sketch where Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello dressed up like second-graders?
by Une Baby April 29, 2009
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1. A person that's a born mixture or known mixture of at least 2 or more differernt races.

2. A dog that's a mixed breed.
Obama is a brother most definitely, but at the same time he's a heinz 57.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant May 23, 2009
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