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When you bang a chick with the intentions of never seeing or talking to her ever again.
by OmG July 19, 2003
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Cool anime that describes the story of an ex-assasin. Realizing the mistake that he did, he has now has chosen the life of a Ronin (masterless samurai) and helps and protects the weak with the technique known as Hiten Mitsurugi.
But during his Ronin life the shadows of his bloody past haunt him, making Battousai engage in fierce battles with the old and new enemies.
Sanosuke and saitou are badasses
Kenshin trips too much ( but hes ok)
and Kaoru is extremely Do able
by Omg April 01, 2004
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Used mainly by Thais; 5 in their language sounds like "ha",so this mos tlikely means "hahaha".Used a lot in online video games.
"555! I pwned teh monster!"
by Omg November 11, 2002
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Forum software you can't find the download link for.
Sorry IPB isn't available for free download as we once promised, but please, buy our thong kthxbai!
by OMG April 01, 2004
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A contest in which multiple contestents try to top each other with different thrusts. There are 3 round and usually 3 contestants but number of contestants may vary. The contest is judged on a 1-10 scale.
dude, did you see that sweet 360 thrust in the thrustoff yesterday?
by OMG March 22, 2005
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Very common forum used to talk about cheating on www.cheatspeak.com
by omg June 09, 2003
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blathemsac, to be a
You are such a blathemsac!
by omg May 17, 2003
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