"Kuy" in Thai slang word is defined directly as a male's genitals. The word is rude and should only be used with close friends.

The word "Kuy" is often used in conversation as a remark/reply to someone else. Can be compared to the word "fuck you" or "ass".
Scott: Hey man, please don't ever scream, your voice sounds like a girl.
Jason: Kuy...
by Steele... September 6, 2006
Kuy is slang word that means let's go or go ahead! in Bahasa Indonesia. It riversed from Yuk to Kuy that is Ayo to be Ayuk and then be Yuk which means let's go
Wati : Let's meet up?
Udin : Kuy!

by Ananda
by Advantages November 27, 2018
n. One sexy beast. Someone who is sexy. A sexy person.

v. The act of being sexy.
Am I kui, or am I kui?
by Josh March 30, 2005
A kui is not afraid to jump into a relationship, but acts sort of shy at first. Once a kui gets to know you some, he might get a little freaky. Kui usually will have a low self-esteem, so be sure and boost his confidence a little, and also have fun; Kuis' are good in bed.
Kui: Sorry i was shy yesterday, i wont be tomorrow;).
by ...nothers October 21, 2019
You almight god. That ska loving kid that everyone on earth loves. Hes name just uttered means true love.
Woah, All Hail Kui! I mean, Hes so rad, and he skanks all liek WOAH!
by Kui March 30, 2005
The slang word Kuy means "go ahead!" Or "let's go" in Bahasa Indonesia. Kuy is riversed from Yuk that means "Ayo" or "let's go"
Wati : Let's meet up?
Udin : Kuy!

by Ananda
by Advantages November 27, 2018
Someone who is bad at sarcasm and cursing and commonly controdicts themselves.
Charlie: Luke, You kui-op to much.

Luke: What the f***?!

Charlie: Momentine Luke, Momentine.
by Cheesecannon November 15, 2007