One of the reasons Why Millions of Computers are throwed in the trashes in only 5 Minutes of use
by Mr.Dictionnary March 14, 2004
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When you drink an entire Four Loko and a Forty (preferably with 8.0+ %) at the same time. Can be taped to your hands in a similar fashion as Edward Fortyhands, but you may die. It's an error because you will pass out, you will say and do stupid shit, and you'll wake up at 6 am and post a description of what happened to you. I can't wait to see the pictures...

Also Error 404 happens when a server can't find the picture it's looking up, and you'll wish it happened to every picture taken of you. 40 + 4 Loko = Error 404
Yo let's go pregame the volleyball game.
*buys lemon lime four loko and 9.1% CAMO silver ice 40 for 6.75$*
*doesn't go to the volleyball game*
*pukes a little bit*
*hits leg on something*
*goes to bed really early*
*saran wrapped legs*
*shoes in bed*
Basically, uber drunkenness.
OMFG, that Error 404 was not a good idea, I missed wayyyy too many parties.
by caust1c October 30, 2010
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Error 404: Definition not found. Please try: getting off Urban Dictionary and doing something productive with your life and try again later.
*When it's 2am and I'm trying to sleep:* Error 404: Sleep not found. Please try: finding a cure for insomnia and try again later.
by Pialinist January 16, 2021
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