The reason why everything exists.
The secret of the universe
Nothingness. No beginning or end. No start or finish. Nothing actually exists, therefore everything can exist.
by aRe. December 19, 2010
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1. The act of feeling nothing for someone, something or somewhere
2. The value something has when no one wants it
1. It's not that i don't like them, i nothing them
2. That item is sh*t, it is nothingness
by TenorSax August 19, 2009
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Nothingness ; is darkness, emptyness and blackness at the same time. But nothingness seem unapropriate just as is.. Nothingness is just "nothing" for "eternity" and darkness is emptyness and darkness at the same time.
*same with whiteness but change darkness with brightness*

I show you what i mean ( Nothingness>Darkness>emptyness>eternity ) but nothingness is darkness.
Nothingness is like darkness > is eternity and emptyness at the same time. Nothingness is darkness and nothingness can be whiteness.

Nothingness can be in you, but i love you so i am in you now!
Nothingness isn't in a booty it is neither here or there.
by x2v12 May 15, 2016
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A religion based on the central belief that: "NOTHING MATTERS."

This is a REAL religion.

normal person: What are you doing?
Nothingist: It doesn't matter
normal person: Why do we exist?
christian: Because God created us.
Nothingist: It doesn't matter.
newb nothingist: I don't think i'm praying right.
Nothingist: It doesn't matter.
by Hacked Ranger October 2, 2010
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when your diet only consist of eating nothing.
also 9 doctors out of 10 say it helps you reduce your weight
I used to be vegan, but my impact on the planet was still too high, so i started a new diet.
i'm now into nothingism.
i'm a "not"
by barthos September 25, 2019
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an emotion when you feel nothing. like emptiness. you feel nothing, almost at peace.
how do you feel right now, what do you feel inside? I feel nothingness.
by marquelis poff einstein November 2, 2020
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The act of doing nothing, the verb associated with a complete lack of action.
No, I was tired and spent the whole time nothinging.
by ContinuumTransfunctioner October 29, 2010
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