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the proper responce to :O
she was :O and I was :P so we 69'ed
by DaMan November 28, 2002

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one of the greatest rap albums of all time.....if you don't know who made it, you are officially stupid.
Notorious BIG's first album!!!......................oops
by DaMan April 01, 2004

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Chinese gangsta.
WOW, that new Asian kid is a real CHANGSTA.
by DaMAN August 28, 2003

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Rich peoples.
Look, there's some FATCATS.
by DaMan November 06, 2003

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Any innocent person who was killed who didn't deserve it.
Don't kill a Laci because you are fucking selfish.
by DaMan November 07, 2003

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One of the many time in which symbolism is used to show a disaster. Much better than saying September 11th because just saying that doesn't paint a picture into somebody's mind about what the disaster was about. Also, if you use your brain you can think up many others.
- Boat hit the iceberg: Titanic sinking
- Bullet hit the president: Assassination of JFK
- Planes shot the beach: Pearl Habor
- Planes hit the towers: 9/11
I was sad when I heard that the planes hit the towers.
by DaMan August 09, 2003

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A man's wanger.
I have a large pee-pee.
by Daman November 02, 2003

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