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Any innocent person who was killed who didn't deserve it.
Don't kill a Laci because you are fucking selfish.
by DaMan November 7, 2003
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A gay-ass mother fucker who scares kids into molesting themselves.
Oh shit, that man looks just like FROSTY THE SNOWMAN.
by DaMan September 5, 2003
Something that happened in the USA for afew days. Contrary to poular belief, the reason for it was NOT terrorism, the US government, an accident at a powerplant, the Canadian government, or a bunch of squirrels that all jumping on the powerlines at once. IT WAS ALIENS TRYING TO PREPARE TO CONCOR THE WORLD. They caused the blackout, trying to make people go insane so they could start coming down while everyone was in caos.
The aliens caused the blackout! Go to www.weeklyworldnews.com and see for yourself.
by DaMan August 19, 2003
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