Is enough....
4-Inches is enough...
by Bibbytato November 1, 2020
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A 4 inch dick. While below average, it may pleasure women. It depends on thier preferences and what they can handle.
Sam: How big is your dick?
John: 4 inches.
Sam: Oh, okay. Well mine is a mile long.
*whips his dick out*
John: Hey, you want a blowjob?
Sam: Only if you can get to the balls.
John: Hell yeah.
*seconds later*
Sam: oh... oh... Oh.... OH.... AHHH.... AHHHHH. FASTER.
John: *thinking* mmmm. So good and fat and juicy.
Sam: OHHH... OHHH...
John: *manages to suck Sam's huge balls*
Sam: OHHHHHH.... OHHHH... I'M GONNA CUM! OH SHIT. OH SHIT! *cums gallons*
John: mmm so tasty....

This porn was brought to you by RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS.
by YeetfulandDecitful October 25, 2020
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Someone who brags about there penis being 4 inches when it is hard and thinks it is big
(written on hand) "Hey guys my penis is 1/3 of a foot" AKA 4 inch
by j a wappa December 1, 2006
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its when u and baby girl are chilling in the back of the bus. and the bus is low on fuel, you whip out your 4 inch destroyer and fuck baby girl when you cum you have to cum in a cup. Then you pour your cum in the fuel tank. then you suck up fuel and put fuel in baby girl and then you put the bus on baby girl then you use her as the bus. you use her weave as the steering wheel then give her anal to accelerate. to come to a complete stop stick ur finger in her mouth she will stop and suck you finger, Then you have successfully done 4 inch destroyer.
the bus is low on gas use your 4 inch destroyer to fill me
by 4 inch destroyer October 25, 2016
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A penis that is very, very small for a 'man' who has passed puberty. Sometimes caused by pure genetics but many times it is caused by a boy having low testosterone during early and mid puberty causing his penis to not develop into an adult size. Small testicles which hang shallow or don't hang at all is a good indicator of it being a simple matter of a development issue, so is the amount pubic hair. If caught early (age 14 or so) a young man has a good chance of being treated with hormones and developing fully, if caught late (age 16) hormone treatment will work much less, by age 17 the penis is fully developed in most men, ending any chance for an individual to increase the size of their child-like genitals. Luckily it is very rare for a man to have such a tiny little package, being just above the medical definition of a micropenis 99.7% of men larger, making it hard for one to ignore his inadequate manhood, including himself. It can be devastating to the male ego considering you will likely be the smallest most women have seen or had intercourse with, disappointing most humoring many. This can be a huge blow to a man who is somehow unaware of his little problem, but it is important part of accepting your situation. Just because women might laugh or call you mean (but truthful) names like 'babydick' doesn't mean you can't make a woman orgasm, there are other options like penis extender toys or strap ons, whatever you do don't do nothing unless you want her to leave or cheat.
Anthony J. has the tiniest fucking package you've ever seen, he has about a 4 inch penis on a good day, which is few and far in between I might say. He told me he was lower average so seeing such a itty little nub was completely unexpected. I laughed my ass off when I was about to blow him for the first time. I could only using a few finger at most to grab it without covering it completely. It may sound like a bitch move, but at the time I didn't know a grown man could have such a little penis, every guy I've been with is larger flaccid than Anthony is hard! Besides, it's nothing to when I saw his flaccid penis after he lost his erection, it's got no shaft!!! Literally an inch or less with little bits of pubes and undescended testicles, the only people who don't find that absolutely hilarious are guys with the same pathetic excuse for a cock. Newsflash little boys, if your pee pee isn't even longer than a bic mini while soft you might as well find yourself a nice pair of panties and a bra and start sucking off a REAL man's cock, because no woman will ever enjoy yours.
by AJ has a babydick October 23, 2017
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A man who says he has a big dick but it’s only 4 inches
A man who says size doesn’t matter as an excuse
Dude I have a big ass dick
No Alec you only have a 4 inch penis
by Thexposer May 9, 2019
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When bangin' the bejesus outta your girl you in one swift motion pull out and plung it in her arse. Also know as the ALLIOOP or COMING IN UNDER THE RADAR.
You should have heard her moan after I gave her the old 1/4 inch sneak.
by J.F. February 12, 2003
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