A Scumbag that will do anything to win or Get anything they want
Loooool I’m kurz don’t believe me
by Jummi August 20, 2019
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A roommate that is very unclean or untidy. Will never take the initiative to clean the dwelling they live in and often questions why they are asked to do their part in cleaning the house or apartment.
Sean- "Shane, it's your week the clean the kitchen"

Shane-"What the hell, why do I have to clean it?"

Sean- "Because you've never cleaned it before"

Shane- "So?"

Sean- "You're such a Kurz"
by The Trashman June 08, 2013
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Slang for the term Hertz. Used by people with broken fingers.
Nicholas: 'Wow, this wave has a frequency of 500 Kurz.'
by TheBaryon January 29, 2018
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