A calender date that doesn't exsists.
Girl, when you gone do my hair?
Girl, It'll get done on the 33rd, I got shit to do.
by Khadijah George April 24, 2008
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Slang term of the jail located in Downtown Orlando
You, did you hear that (insert name here) got a DUI?

She spent the night in 33rd.
by Ghost February 4, 2005
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group of people you can define as retarded New Yorkers wannabe, which have a strong american spirit in the way they like to act as part of a team
the next stop is 33rrrrrrrrrrrrrrd street
by Sooooophi February 23, 2005
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adj : the ordinal number of thirty-three in counting order. A comparative number or rank, occuring between 32nd and 34th.
Psy-sci is the 33rd gayest person in history. <3
by Superbo February 3, 2005
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when you meet your girlfriend in an empty movie theatre and proceed to have sex but this can only take place if the movie you are watching is a horror
jose: dude i made it to 33rd base last night
juan: no way...what movie
jose: the grudge
juan: nice
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The main police precinct in Guashingtong Heights, NY where the cops beat the shit out of piff carrying dominicans and get them ready for central bookings
Yo son lets not smoke that blunt in Highbridge, we might end up in tha 33rd precinct
by Ian B'bein October 12, 2007
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