4 definitions by Ian B'bein

The main police precinct in Guashingtong Heights, NY where the cops beat the shit out of piff carrying dominicans and get them ready for central bookings
Yo son lets not smoke that blunt in Highbridge, we might end up in tha 33rd precinct
by Ian B'bein October 12, 2007
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Crack-in-the-wall precinct in the upper west side where arrests are slim to none and predominantly of minorities
Yo son this neighborhood is mad white we better not do any dominican things or they'll say we're fuckin up the community and go to that 20th precinct shit
by Ian B'bein August 18, 2008
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Jail in harlem where you wait many, many hours in preparation for central bookings
Yo i couldnt sleep in that nasty ass hub so i carved my name in the cell, also i think being there gave me TB
by Ian B'bein August 18, 2008
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that classy haze that makes any other bud look like shit
yo i had to really go through some obstacles to get this piffinton so lets cop a dutch because its classy
by Ian B'bein August 18, 2008
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