Coach Caitlin: "What's a snighty?"
Me: "That's a secret I"ll never tell"
by Uz-train March 6, 2022
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Similar to the Big Bang, the snighty just spontaneously appeared; some call it a lifestyle, others roll their eyes and walk away out of jealousy; can be used as an adjective, noun, or verb; no matter the situation, the snighty applies; long live the snighty
Ur mom: “Why does your buckethat say snighty?”
Me: “It’s a lifestyle
by Realuzi May 18, 2022
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Some call it bronchitis, but the CDC isn’t so sure; caused by too much snightying; can lead to a chronic cough, shortness of breath, dry heaving, low O2 levels, purchasing inhalers, and several chest X-rays; probably the next COVID
Me: Why can’t I breath during practice?
The CDC: It’s just Snighty Lung
by Realuzi April 7, 2022
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