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Founded in Opus Room 308 at St. Mary’s College, Club 308 was originally just an appartment. From there, a lifestyle emerged — merch was purchased, mugshots were taken, athletic teams gathered, and friendships were formed. Known as the birthplace of the original snighty, Club 308 is known for being open to all, extreme kleptomaniacs, full of athletes and viruses, and always being DTS. Never underestimate the power of Club 308 and their influence on St. Mary’s College campus.
Me: “Guys, we got Club 308!!”
Lindsey: “Time to buy merch
by Realuzi May 18, 2022
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Down to Snighty
Coach: “Write down when you’re free so I can schedule practice”
Julia: “I’m always DTS”
by Realuzi May 18, 2022
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Commonly misdiagnosed as a sinus infection due to sharing the same symptoms; usually appears after Snighty Lung; caused by too much snightying
Me: I went through an entire box of tissues last night
Julia: You must have the snightises
by Realuzi May 18, 2022
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Similar to the Big Bang, the snighty just spontaneously appeared; some call it a lifestyle, others roll their eyes and walk away out of jealousy; can be used as an adjective, noun, or verb; no matter the situation, the snighty applies; long live the snighty
Ur mom: “Why does your buckethat say snighty?”
Me: “It’s a lifestyle
by Realuzi May 18, 2022
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Some call it bronchitis, but the CDC isn’t so sure; caused by too much snightying; can lead to a chronic cough, shortness of breath, dry heaving, low O2 levels, purchasing inhalers, and several chest X-rays; probably the next COVID
Me: Why can’t I breath during practice?
The CDC: It’s just Snighty Lung
by Realuzi April 7, 2022
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