When a girl says "I'm in bed" you know she just wants you to come over to cuddle! ;)
Brad, I'm in bed. I better come over then! ;)
by Payen March 15, 2017
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You're going to lie in the bed on your phone until you fall sleep
Girl: I said "goodnight I'm going to bed" like an hour ago but I'm still just here laying in bed on instagram
by itsjustcarmen July 7, 2014
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It's used when you want to say it's your bedtime, that you are going to sleep now.
WOW! It's half past three! I gotta work tomorrow. I'm off to bed now, you guys!
by We are Speakers July 2, 2017
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Right I'm going to bed is used when trying to tell a girl you like her and you've had enough of pouring your heart out.
Right I'm going to bed. Nothing will change. I just really like you
by Bradley Frisby October 30, 2018
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