QT = Cutie
3.14 = Pi

A lame way of saying cutie pie.
"Why did you write QT 3.14 for that math equation?"

"Figure it out."

"Aww, you called me a cutie pie."
by rUMp ShakUH August 7, 2009
It's mathematics slang for cutie pie. Seeing as 3.14 is the value of pi, well actually 3.141593 is probably closer even though it's an infinite number so 3.14 will do, but yeah you can catch my drift.
Usually in a text message or written/typed message of some sort:

Guy 1: Did you see andrea?
Guy 2: Yeahhh! She's a QT 3.14
Guy 3: lol i see what you mean. lol.
by robertoooonevernothere September 3, 2010
Similar to Rule 34 and 88
If it exists there is, or will be pie of it.
J: I feel like pie.
K: Okay, cherry pie? Apple?
J: No, I feel like... J pie.
K: okay, here, step into this pie tin and put this cream on yer head. J ala Pie. You've been Rule 3.14'd.
by Korana February 4, 2009
A fancy way to write "cutie pie"

In norway you can write Q10 instead of Qtea.
Person one: do you want a hug?
Person two: oh, you are such a Qtea 3.14
by Atle December 31, 2009
Slang term for a math nerds mouth (3.14 aka Pi)
Poindexter started mouthing off about trigonometry and i told him to shut his 3.14 hole
by Coolrockindaddy January 18, 2008
A joke that is supposed to represent apple pie, but is swapped with the numerical version of pi.
A person making a joke:Hey guys, what's a geeks favorite food? Apple 3.14! Get it?
Audience: *Commits suicide from the absolute obscenity of the horrendous "Joke" that has escaped from A Person Making A Joke's lips.
A person making a joke: Dang it, not again!
Person 3.14 (Commonly refereed to as "Person Pie") is an obscure person used in examples who likes to eat pie
Person 1: Have you seen that new show
Person 2: Yeah It's good
Person 3: Yeah It's alright
Person 1 and 2: Shut up Person 3
Person 3.14: I like pie *takes bite out of pie*
by Mr. Gibberish February 3, 2023