When a girls pussy is so loose that it can fit 3 finger maybe even a 4th
Yo yesterday I was fucking keisha and I fit 3 fingers in that hoe
by Ass eater ;p July 5, 2018
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A signal used to let others know that you’re in to pegging. Left hand or right can be a universal signal that you like to engage in the act of pegging
He gave me the 3-finger salute and that is how I knew he wanted to be pegged.
by Pettybettybroccoli July 22, 2021
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you are loyal to 1 man only
she has 3 fingers up, she must be madly in love with her man
by SheLuvsHim August 30, 2022
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3 fingers up means ur crazy in love with somebody
Some dude just came up to me and put 3 fingers up, what the hell does that mean??”

“It means he loves you”

by TA7RYNN April 7, 2022
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you don't need bitches. because Allah SWT said no. muslimah should be 🥇.
*holds 3 fingers up while taking a group picture*
by LaggyMinus May 19, 2022
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