Sexual kink where you get any ice cream of your choice put it on three fingers or more depending on how loose that tunapot is and icefinger blast the cunt
Mate lets have a 3some with that fit hoe you know im going to try the 3 fingered icecreamer on the bitch when she isnt looking thats sure you wake her up how the fuck do you know your only need three fingers ay with that hoe it will be name the icecream fister
by savethebridge September 15, 2020
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It means that you are loyal to FICTIONAL boys/men. (Applies only to index, middle and ring finger being held up at the same time holding the other two together.)
"Why are your 3 fingers held up like that in your snap?"
"It's because I'm loyal to fictional boys."
by cloudgirl2 May 4, 2023
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