when you get butterflies in the pit of ur stomach when ur around that special someone.

if he takes ur breathe away everytime ur around him

i am "crazy in love" with him
by Heather Elaine August 7, 2008
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crazy butt love is the sexual act that two men preform on eachother, ~fucking in the anus~
joey and nick had crazy butt love :-P
by your *juicy* stalker March 2, 2004
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A bitch who whats to kill your ass if your with another girl
this is such crazy love!
by skyteddy September 4, 2014
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A song by the legendary band Queen. It’s a bop. Go listen to it. Now.
Lad 1: Have you listened to the song Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen?

Lad 2: Yes I did! It was a total banger.
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A phrase used when someone do something that it's supposed to be edgy or quirky but it's actually not.
A: Dina stood onto the table
B: She's so crazy, I love her!
by washaasha January 22, 2023
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