Means you get to much pussy and fuck to many bitches on the daily
Susan:He put 3 fingers up in that photo I wanna fuck him. mary:he definitely gets so many bitches
by Dilldoe88 April 16, 2022
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3 fingers up means you're loyal to your girl.
always pose 3 fingers up in picture
by L person July 12, 2022
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you are loyal to ONE man only
she has 3 fingers up she must be madly in love with her man
by SheLuvsHim August 30, 2022
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When you perform the sexual act of "the shocker" on a military wife.
Bruce: "Wow, did Mary just come back from Greece."
James: "Yeah, I gave her the ol' 3 finger salute as a welcoming gift."
by TheMagicKevino February 21, 2015
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You are madly in love with the person you sent it to
I sent 3 fingers down to a girl I love
by 50footdick April 18, 2022
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means that you have absolute massive 3 inch cock in your pants
Some women: omg did you see him he throwed 3 fingers up, omg I wanna fuck him
by Mr.cockholder May 25, 2022
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