A state of rage that can only be described as cute.
When Spencer Reid drops his cake on the floor. He screams in angy.
by NBNM March 31, 2021
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the cuter, more little-like or childish version of saying/texting "angry"
"What's wrong?"
"I'm angy."
"Awwh. How come?"
"He doesn't like me back because I'm soft."
by abbicastle December 26, 2019
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angy is a more epic way of pronouncing angry
by A LITERAL PIECE OF DONUT October 25, 2018
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Angy is the girl that will always be with you.She is really obsessed with her phone.She is crazy,funny,and beautiful in your own way.Once you met her you never want her to leave your side
by Descraz November 18, 2017
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Usually referred as someone who doest care. Loud and uses hood language. Generally pronounced as "Angie".
Thats so Angy.
by trillldawg November 5, 2013
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(pronounced with a hard G) Used to show triumph
I won, hell yea! ANGY!
by Professor. Dinkleberry September 16, 2018
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Short for Androgynous, combining the Andro and Gyno parts in small, pronounceable package.
Person 1: “What gender are they?”
Person 2: “I don’t know, they are to angy
by Nanbranah February 12, 2021
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