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the absolute worst kinds of people you will ever meet. uses “sis” and “sweetie” as if they’ve just won an argument. think they’re better than everyone but they hide it with memes about depression then later rant about how depression is a serious illness and then later romanticize depression then complain how people keep on romanticizing depression then say “i’ve changed my opinion from back then” then say “people don’t deserve to be forgiven, the damage is done.” the physical embodiment of “black girl reaction gif
person a: “hey, how come that loser says ‘sis’ when talking to people?”
person b: “don’t worry, it’s just a twitter stan.”
by chinese immigrant July 30, 2018
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Possibly the best people you’ll ever meet. The fun, joking, taking no offense to harmless jokes, funny kind of people on the internet. Twitter is where they are all the time and they never grow tired of it
Hannah: I hear that Lia is a Twitter stan

Kelly: she is. Those are the best people ever online
by Leah69 June 08, 2018
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