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Very cute and has a cute personality , falls in love easily, and very friendly
Your so Rui
by -/($)/- June 20, 2017
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A father of a boy and a girl and he loves soccer he is good at math and is the best father in the world.
Rui is smart
by You and me are family August 23, 2018
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A very nice person, very likable, VERY underrated. You should be friends with someone named Rui. they typically don't say it but they want you to let them know they are needed.
Hey Rui! You are my best friend because you are unlike all of these fake whores.
by FishPaste69 January 30, 2021
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An Asian kid that is well collected, calm and smart, but does extreme stunts.
Man 1:I pushed that Rui kid over, and he just got up and laughed at me
Man 2:He's pissing on ur car now, bro
by fockdapolize April 27, 2012
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She is funny, pretty (when she wants to b), she will go hard for her gang, and anybody else she cares about, she coldhearted bc she been through a lot, keep it a buck with her, and she'll keep it a buck with you regardless, she loyal when she wanna be, she not afraid to get it on with ANYBODY, nd don't cheat on her bc she will do you 10 timess dirtier
Don't fuck with rui's gang cause she will go hard for them and they will go hard for her :)
by dtnnn 4 lifeeeee June 11, 2020
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Someone who is completely whipped by another person usually his bitch.
Oh man there goes that poor Rui holding his bitch's purse.
by lololol105 April 14, 2011
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