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a 2 year old, like what the f*ck else do you think it means?
oh my goodness its a 2 year old. yay.
by jjprs306 October 31, 2018

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A combination of a sneeze and a dab. It is performed by sneezing(duh) and covering it with an elbow, and then the other arm is used to complete the form of a dab.
That man pulled off an epic snab bro!
by jjprs306 May 20, 2018

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A organism intended to act like your subject and furry friend, and when you least expect it, they will ambush you and leave you enough muscles in your body for you to feed them. In all, they are secret and sneaky overlords that have an unforgiving heart.
Joe: did you hear what happened to joey?
Bob:ya man, that cat destroyed him when he least expect it.
Joe:oh no!!!!!

Joe:here comes one now!!!!!!
*both joe and bob get shredded to pieces by a cat assassin.*
by jjprs306 May 08, 2018

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A person often new to a game/task/anything else. Very unlike a newbie. A noob is a person that doesn't like to learn and is often overconfident with its abilities. Its is usually found on online game forums and spams "LOLOLOLOLOL U NOOB" to try and troll people and to disguise itself. this is very unlike a newbie as said in the second sentence, the newbie is like a noob but it is nice and it is willing to learn. the noobs sometimes travel in packs and end up fighting each other by calling each other "noob" unlike non noobs. noobs speak in a one of a kind language. in order to replicate the language, shit on your keyboard, then short circuit the computer, then jump the keyboard several times, and then douse it in nuclear waste.
noun: omg look at this dude! he is a noob.
by jjprs306 December 04, 2017

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